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Course Description:

Our solo CQB course teaches the Law Enforcement Officer how to safely and effectively clear a structure by themselves when an immediate response is necessary and back up is not available. Whether necessitated by the incident type such as active shooter response, or realities such as personnel serving in large rural jurisdictions, Law Enforcement Officers need to have the capability to conduct CQB as a single responding unit. This course trains Officers in close quarters weapon handling, deliberate and dynamic clearing techniques, and structure clearance strategies.

Course outline:


This course teaches techniques and methods that an Officer can use to systematically clear a structure that is believed to be occupied by an armed assailant. Both Systematic and adhoc means are taught utilizing both deliberate and dynamic models of CQB. Weapon handling skills are taught within the context of close quarter encounters within a structure. The reality of solo CQB is there is no singular method that solves all problems; thus, this course seeks to offer various options to the Officer that can be utilized in context of the given environment and circumstances.


Day 1 of the course starts with weapon manipulation within close quarters. Students learn shooting around cover, shooting on the move, and manipulating weapon systems around obstacles. Close quarters marksmanship is addressed focusing on shot placement and the understanding of offsets as it pertains to certain weapon setups. Students learn how to engage targets through doorways utilizing deliberate and dynamic entry techniques. Students will apply the fundamentals learned in basic live fire room clearing exercises that incorporate shoot and no shoot targets. 


Day 2 incorporates more detailed concepts of CQB working off the base of knowledge gained from day one. Students learn how to move up and then through a structure as a solo entity. They will learn to address matters such as open v closed doors, opposing threats, follow on rooms, and handling suspects. All techniques are taught utilizing various options for Officers to choose from incorporating deliberate and dynamic methods. Students conclude the course by incorporating the lessons learned in scenarios utilizing various spaces and shoot/no shoot targets with marking cartridges. 


Course duration:

2 Days 




Payable by credit card, check, or money order on the day of the course, or by department PO. If an invoice and/or W-9 are needed, please feel free to ask. 


Sworn LE or Military 

Required Equipment:

Please be sure to bring the required equipment to the class. Keep in mind that the required equipment is simply the minimum. One of the goals of the course is to make you better at how you operate, please bring the equipment you deploy with in whatever your given assignment is.

Basic Gear:

- Duty Gear - appropriate for your given assignment 

- Range Gear - Eye and ear protection

- Appropriate weather-related gear for time of year

- Water - Minimum of a gallon a day is recommended

- Optional: Plate carrier/Body Armor/Helmet/web gear


This course allows students to train with either their handgun or patrol rifle. All techniques taught are adapted to the weapon system each student attends the course with.

Weapon and ammunition requirements dependent on weapon system student chooses to train with:

Handgun - 200 rounds range ammo and minimum of 2 magazines. 

Rifle (Handgun also required) - 150 rounds Rifle/2 magazines - 50 rounds handgun/2 magazines.

Marking Cartridge Weapon:

a Marking Cartridge weapon is required for day 2 of the course. Students may use any brand system (UTM/Simunition/ECT). Students may utilize either a handgun or rifle conversion.


50 rounds of marking ammunition required per student.

A limited number of rifle conversion kits and ammo are available to rent at an additional charge of $50 per student - inquire during registration if you would like the rental included on your invoice​.

Upcoming Dates:

February 1st and 2nd, 2024 - 8am to 4pm

                - Somersworth Police Department

           Somersworth, NH

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