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There are many physical threats which exist in today's society. The first step to protecting yourself or your organization is gaining knowledge and awareness.  Training to combat threats at home or in the workplace is often looked at as a physical aspect, but in reality, it is more of a mental attribute.  Preparing your mind to think through such incidents is the first step towards ensuring safety.

At Blue Tier, we focus on assessing your threat exposure to significant events such as workplace violence, terrorist incidents, and active threats.  Once an understanding of your current readiness is established, we can advise you on the proper steps to correct any issues and/or improve your level of preparedness.


While preparing for the worst case scenario is important, preparing yourself or your organization means being ready for lesser threats as well. We focus on giving you options that will allow you to respond reasonably to an incident, but have the means to elevate your response if the circumstances dictate such actions.


Facility Assessment

A facility assessment will review your current exposure. Some of the aspects reviewed are building design, ease of access and egress, and staff/administration practices & policies.  A review will highlight strengths and weaknesses, and suggest proactive steps to increase security/preparedness in the workplace.



Active Threat Response for Staff

Ensuring your institution or business is prepared for critical incidents requires a trained staff. Training for an Active Threat incident needs to be simple, practical, and easy to recall under stress. A Run, Hide, Defend methodology offers reasonable options for an employee to deploy in an incident to protect themselves and others. 

Active Threat Response places an emphasis on escaping the danger area. If escape is not an option, then a person must not only understand to hide, but how to hide and barricade there position. In addition to hiding, they must understand how to prepare to defend themselves if absolutely necessary. Training not only covers response options, but also teaches how to make decisions in the moment based on limited information.  Training is conducted via lecture and hands on practical application.

Active Threat Response for Administrators

While all Administrator and supervisory staff of an institution should be trained on how to react to an active threat. They also need to understand their responsibilities to command and control during such incidents. Administration level responsibilities regarding Active Threat incidents start well before the incident takes place, are of vital importance during, and continue on well past the end of the threat.

In addition to training on Run, Hide, Defend, guidance is given regarding policies and procedures, daily security protocols, pre-incident preparation of workplace and staff, working with first responders during an incident, and post incident concerns. Training is conducted through lecture, table top exercise and hands on practical application. 

If any of the above programs are of interest to you or you are looking for a customized program, please contact us at:



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