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Blue Tier Tactical was formed to offer training and consulting in modern tactics in response to today's threats. While various methods and theories exist which are relevant and sound, they must be applied properly and built upon when experience is gained.

Whether a prepared citizen, law enforcement officer, or member of the armed services, the training and education you receive should be current and in context to your needs. 

The best instructors are even better students.  We at Blue Tier strive to bring you training and education based on currently validated tactics and techniques and professional experience.

Joe Turner
Founder and Lead Instructor

Joe Turner is the President and Founder of Blue Tier Tactical. He has spent 17 years as a Police Officer, having started his career in a suburban Massachusetts town, now serving for a city north of Boston. He is a Sergeant and Director of Training for his agency and has served on a regional SWAT Team for the past 10 years. During his time in tactical operations he has served as an entry officer, breacher, team leader and currently as a team commander. In addition to his law enforcement experience, he possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He has over 14 years of instructor experience and teaches a vast array of subject matters to both law enforcement and private citizens. He started Blue Tier in 2016 and since then has taught

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