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LAw Enforcement Close Quarters
REd Dot Handgun


Course Description:

The Red Dot equipped pistol has rapidly become the preferred option for the law enforcement duty handgun. Deploying the Red Dot handgun in close quarters requires strict adherence to handgun presentation fundamentals combined with the ability to utilize tactics and techniques relative to such encounters. This course trains the Officer how to present the weapon, acquire the sight and engage threats in close quarters environments.

Course outline:


This course works on performance development with the handgun and getting Officers on the dot and on target faster while developing better accuracy and speed. The skills developed with the red dot handgun are then incorporated with close quarter engagement tactics. Topics such as shooting with movement, shooting from barricades, and room clearing are all taught within the context of utilizing a red dot handgun.


Day 1 of the course focuses on skill development and advancement as it pertains to fundamental weapon handling and red dot acquisition. Accuracy and speed will be developed once a baseline is established. Officers will be put through various time and distances standards throughout the day.


Day 2 will apply the lessons learned and skills developed on day 1 to the realities of a close quarters engagement. Tactics taught include shooting around barricades, shooting with movement, and clearing thresholds of rooms utilizing deliberate room clearing methods. 


Day 3 brings days 1 and 2 together and integrates red dot handgun performance skills with fundamental CQB tactics in room clearing live fire drills. Students will learn how to enter and clear interior rooms and spaces utilizing solo and dual Officer methods in shoot/no shoot threat search and identification scenarios.  


A course info letter will be sent to all registered students within a month of the start of the course with specific course details.

Core Components:


- Rds handgun presentation and handling

- Red dot acquisition under stress

- Shooting and movement

- Shooting around barricades

- Close quarters room clearing and rds handguns

Course duration:

3 Days 




Payable by credit card, check, or money order on the day of the course, or by department PO. If an invoice and/or W-9 are needed, please feel free to ask. 


Sworn LE or Military 

Required Equipment:

Please be sure to bring the required equipment to the class. Keep in mind that the required equipment is simply the minimum. One of the goals of the course is to make you better at how you operate, please bring the equipment you deploy with in whatever your given assignment is.

- RDS Handgun with minimum of 3 magazines

- Appropriate duty gear for your given assignment/unit

- Range gear - eye and ear protection

• Water - A minimum of a gallon a day is recommended

• Optional: Plate carrier/body armor/helmet/web gear



- 750 rounds for handgun

Upcoming Dates:

April 29th, 30th, and May 1st, 2024

                - Hardwick, MA

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