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Course Description:

This course trains tactical team personnel and special investigation officers on the various components of High Risk Warrant service. This course covers all stages of warrant service from planning through execution. Various service options and techniques are covered as well as specialty subjects pertaining to the individual officer as well as the unit or team.

Course Contents:


Components of Service:

- Scouting, Planning, Briefing, and Execution

Methods of Service:

- Entry Options, Limited Penetration, Surround and Call Out, Mobile Takedown.

Specialty Subjects:

- Risk/Threat Assessments and Liability Mitigation

- Residential and Commercial Building Fundamentals for Scouting

- Target Structure Approach Techniques

- CQB/Room Clearing Basics

- Shield Deployment

- Contingency Planning and Tactics

Course Duration:

3 Days 




Payable by credit card, check, or money order on the day of the course, or by department PO. If an invoice and/or W-9 are needed, please ask. 

Please email for payment processing.


This course is intended for Officers who are assigned to or expect to be assigned to a Tactical Team, Tactical Patrol/Patrol Rifle Unit, or Special Investigations Unit which is or will be tasked with Warrant Service. While unit assignment is not a strict pre-requisite, any student attending should be able to competently and safely operate a patrol rifle and duty handgun. This course is fast paced and time is not available to aid students in the fundamentals of weapon handling or firearms safety. 

Required Equipment:

- Simunition training weapon and 60 rounds of marking ammunition - Simunition, UTM, Force on Force are all     acceptable brands - May utilize handgun, rifle, or both.

- Eye Protection

- Issued duty equipment to include body armor, plate carrier, duty belt, or helmet if applicable. Officers should   bring the equipment they would be executing warrants with. 

SIMUNITIONS NOTE: This course utilizes marking cartridges against stationary (non role player) targets during certain evolutions in the course. For this component, students may utilize either a Simunition/UTM bolt conversion or they may utilize just a Simunition/UTM handgun with the appropriate marking ammunition. If a student or agency is unable to procure either of the above, both a bolt conversion and the needed ammo can be rented for an additional $50. This is payable either at the start of the course or through department/agency purchase order.

Upcoming Dates:

August 21st - 23rd, 2023

         - Somersworth, NH Police Department


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