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Course Description:

Whether an armed citizen, member of the armed forces, or law enforcement Officer, being trained to carry a firearm means being capable of deploying it in close quarters environments. Whether it be in response to a home intruder or in response to an immediate active threat, being capable of defending oneself within a structure is a vital component of a self defense plan. This course bridges the gap between fundamental firearms skills and the real world context of CQB. Students will develop a fundamental understanding of how to defend themselves with a firearm while within a structure.

Topics Covered:

- Close Quarters Handgun Tactics

- Doorways, Hallways, Rooms

- Solo Response Clearing Techniques

- Shoot / No Shoot Decision Making

- Armed Citizen Use of Force

- Interior Structure Ballistics

Course duration:

1 Day





- Government ID or LTC (if Mass Resident)

- Students should have a firm understanding of firearm safety. They should also have a basic understanding of how to work the controls on their firearm and be able to perform administrative tasks such as ejecting a magazine, locking the slide to the rear, and how to operate the safety if one is present on their firearm. 

Required Equipment:

- Pistol with at least 3 magazines

- 200 rounds of ammunition for your given firearm

- Holster with magazine pouch for additional magazine (must be specifically designed     for your firearm) 

- Eye and ear protection

- Appropriate range attire

NOTE: Blackhawk Serpa retention holsters are not allowed in Blue Tier open courses. This is due to safety issues with its design. In addition, appendix concealed carry is not permitted in level I courses. Students should be drawing from a traditional side hip position. If you need recommendations on affordable holsters before attending class, please feel free to message us.  

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