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Course Description:

This course trains Law Enforcement personnel on Shield deployment in High-Risk Critical Incidents. The ballistic shield is a vital tool in law enforcement response to incidents involving armed subjects. Training addresses basic shield understanding, individual deployment skills and team tactics.

Core Components:


Shield design, nomenclature, and ballistics

- Hand holds, stance, movement and weapon manipulation

- CQB with Shields

- Patrol Rifle Deployment with Shields

- Tactics for resolution of edged weapon armed subjects

- Arrest Team Deployment

- Less Lethal and Shields - Taser and Impact Munitions

Course duration:

2 Days 




Payable by credit card, check, or money order on the day of the course, or by department PO. If an invoice and/or W-9 are needed, please feel free to ask. 


Sworn LE or Military 

Required Equipment:

Please be sure to bring the required equipment to the class. Keep in mind that the required equipment is simply the minimum. One of the goals of the course is to make you better at how you operate, please bring the equipment you deploy with in whatever your given assignment is.

- Appropriate duty gear for your given assignment/unit

- Issued Weapon systems - duty handgun at minimum, patrol rifle is issued/available

          - "Blue Guns" or applicable training weapons can be substituted

• Appropriate duty gear for your given assignment/unit
• Issued Weapon Systems- duty handgun at minimum, Patrol Rifle if issued/available
• “Blue guns” or applicable training weapons can be substituted
• Water - A minimum of a gallon a day is rec
• Optional: Plate carrier/body armor/helmet/web gear


Note regarding Rifle or Pistol:
This course focuses on the tactics and techniques specific to the shield. The skills developed are deployable with either the patrol rifle or duty handgun. It is the students choice which to bring to the course. If so desired, students may bring both and transition back and forth throughout the course.


- While some shields are provided, it is preferred each agency attending bring at least one shield which they typically deploy with. This will allow for Officers to train with the shields they actually will be utilizing during an incident. 



- No ammunition requirement for this course

Upcoming Dates:

April 5th and 6th, 2023

                - Newton, MA Police Department

May 15th and 16th, 2023

                - Newton, MA Police Department

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