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Course Description:

This course teaches students how to address an active threat encounter as it relates to the day to day realities of a School Resource Officer. Students are taught tactics and techniques which are realistic and easily recallable under stress. Students will leave this course with a tactical foundation that enhances their capability in responding to an active threat incident. 

Core Components:


- Active Threat facts and trends

- Advanced patrol rifle and handgun techniques

- Public venue engagements and close quarters room clearing

- Deploying from and shooting around vehicles

- Tactical casualty care

- Active threat contact team fundamentals

- Active threat solo Officer response

Course duration:

4 Days 




Payable by credit card, check, or money order on the day of the course, or by department PO. If an invoice and/or W-9 are needed, please feel free to ask. 


Basic level of experience operating the AR/Patrol rifle platform. Officers should be capable of loading, unloading, clearing basic malfunctions and shooting their given platform out to 50 yards. 

Required Equipment:

- AR-15/M4 Patrol Rifle based system - NOTE: Weapon should be zeroed before start of class

- Sling

- 3 magazines minimum 

- Handgun - preferably duty sidearm

- 2 magazines minimum

- Eye and ear protection

- Appropriate support gear for all systems:

- Holster for handgun

- Magazine pouches for both pistol magazines and rifle magazines

- Plate carriers, helmets, and web gear are optional

- While Tactical Casualty Care equipment will be onsite during all training, Officers are strongly encouraged to bring a med kit/IFAK with a tourniquet.


- 500 rounds of rifle ammo

- 300 rounds of pistol ammo 

- 100 Rounds marking cartridges with appropriate rifle conversion bolt OR simunition handgun. (See below)

SIMUNITIONS NOTE: This course utilizes marking cartridges against stationary (non role player) targets during certain evolutions in the course. For this component, students may utilize either a Simunition/UTM bolt conversion or they may utilize just a Simunition/UTM handgun with the appropriate marking ammunition. If a student or agency is unable to procure either of the above, both a bolt conversion and the needed ammo can be rented for an additional $50. This is payable either at the start of the course or through department/agency purchase order.

Upcoming Dates:


July 10th - 13th, 2023

                - Somersworth, NH Police Department

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