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Modern Defensive Pistol

Course Description:


This course is intended to develop basic handgun marksmanship and shooting skills into defensive skill sets that apply in self-defense life and death encounters. 

Topics Covered:

Safety and basic marksmanship review

Equipment and ammunition selection and familiarization

Drawing from the holster

Shooting fundamentals in the context of combat



Combat marksmanship

Target identification and transition

Shooting and moving

Shooting under stress

Course duration:

8 Hours


$175 - Due at start of course - no deposit required



- Government ID or LTC (if Mass Resident)

- Students must be proficient with the fundamentals of handling firearms. This class is not about building comfort with handling a firearm but how to transition basic firearm handling skills into defensive skills. Students must be proficient in firearms safety and understand the fundamentals of operating their specific firearm.

Required Equipment:

Pistol with at least 2 magazines

200 rounds of ammunition for your given firearm

Holster with magazine pouch for additional magazine (must be specifically designed for your firearm) 

Eye and ear protection

Appropriate range attire

NOTE: Blackhawk Serpa retention holsters are not allowed in Blue Tier open courses. This is due to safety issues with its design. If you need recommendations on affordable holsters before attending class, please feel free to message us. 

Upcoming Dates:


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