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Active Shooter Survival

Course Description:


This course is intended for civilians to learn how to respond and survive when confronted by an active threat, such as an active shooter, or act of terrorism. This course is not firearm-specific, and is intended for the unarmed citizen, who is looking to build a base of knowledge to rely on when confronted with these extreme acts of violence. The methodology taught is "run/hide/defend". The concepts taught are in context to an average person's capabilities. Students will leave this course with a broad range of knowledge and a level of comfort in being better prepared to react to an active threat situation.  

Topics Addressed:

History and statistics of active shooter and terror attacks

Flight and escape strategies

Barricading in place

Solo and group defensive tactics

Situational awareness and functioning under stress

Course duration:

4 Hours


$50 - Due at start of course - no deposit required



Required Equipment:


Upcoming Dates:

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